Swamp Sistas is a growing, diverse community of over 2,200 women, most of whom hail from the American South, though not necessarily. Swamp Sistas is a state of mind! Artists, story tellers, performers, caregivers, teachers, entrepreneurs and much more, we embrace our roots while marching to our own drumbeat. When we gather, we call it a La La which is an old Creole term for a party with a purpose. The purpose of our Swamp Sista La Las is to have fun with our friends and families while raising money and awareness for community organizations and concepts that are dear to us like fighting local hunger with locally grown food.  The most recent La La was help on April 6, 2014 at East End Market in Orlando, Florida and raised money and awareness for three local organizations: P.E.A.S.Hebni Nutrition Consultants and 2nd Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. The next one will be May 16, 2015 on the Green Lawn at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Fest.




Check out the La La Bazaar!!