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Human Food Items that are Dangerous for your Canine - 2021 Guide
If you are like us then there would have been times when you had treated your beloved canine with the table scraps. However, do you know that some human food could be toxic and deadly for dogs? Since dogs and humans have different dietary needs and food tolerance, some human foods may not be suitable for dogs. When getting a pet dog, it is not important to get any formal documentation but in case of an ESA dog, you will need an ESA letter for housing to live with your dog peacefully. But, not many dog owners are aware of it and make the mistake of feeding the wrong kind of food to their canines.
Alcohol is a big NO for dogs. However, alcohol poisoning could happen from rotten apples and fermented bread dough, other than the beverages. The said ingestion could result in diarrhea, blood acidity, breathing difficulties and, in severe cases, even death. Though an emotional support animal letter will help you know about the difference between fake and real letters, you will have to look after your dog yourself.
Apricots are quite delicious but they are not as delicious for your dog. Everything in apricots; seeds, leaves, stems, have cyanide in them that could be dangerous for your dog. In case your dog ingested a large amount of this fruit, it could cause several allergic reactions and symptoms like dilated pupils, panting, difficulties in breathing and shock.
Similarly, many ESA dog owners also do not realize the importance of a valid and legal ESA letter and have to face the consequences. This is why it is important that you choose wisely and a genuine letter provider. Coming back to the foods that could be toxic for your dog, below is a list of such foods.
Poisoning caused by avocado in cats and dogs could not be that deadly but if ingested by birds, they could be deadly. The fruit has ‘persin’ in it could be poisonous for your pup and can cause gastrointestinal issues in your dog and in case of pit swallowing, it could inhibit breathing in them. Just like an ESA letter sample, which is important to check before getting the letter, it is important that you check the foot items before giving it to your canine.
Coffee could be increasingly dangerous for dogs and in small dogs, they could even cause death. Some of the common food items that contain caffeine include tea, coffee, energy drinks, diet pills and soda. The symptoms of caffeine ingestion include seizures, collapse, restlessness, hyperactivity, dog nail clippers, tremors and irregular heart rhythms.
Gums and Candies
Usually, candies and gums contain xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener. The ingredients could be extremely dangerous for your dog and could cause some serious side effects like seizures, hypoglycemia and liver failure.
Like apricots, the stems, seeds and leaves of cherries also contain cyanide that could be quite dangerous for dogs. In case your dog ingests the fruit and is suffering from cherry toxicity, he will suffer from the symptoms like bright red gums, shock, dilated pupils, breathing difficulties and even death.
Just like being watchful about what you feed your dog, you must be careful that you are not paying for an emotional support dog letter, which is fake.
Chocolate has caffeine and theobromine, which are dangerous and toxic for your dog. This includes all the ingredients and products that have chocolate in it; cocoa, dark chocolate and baker’s chocolate. In fact, these derivatives have an even higher percentage of these elements.
Some of the symptoms to know if your dog has contracted chocolate poisoning are vomiting, excessive thirst, diarrhea, seizures, abnormal heart rate and even death.
Garlic is from the same family of leeks, chives and onions that have propyldisulfide and thiosulphate as their main ingredients and are poisonous to dogs. When consumed in a large amount, this could have oxidative damage to the red blood cells and could lead to anemia. Some of the symptoms include vomiting, weakness, heightened heart rate and panting.
To get an ESA dog, you will need a valid letter to get the animal and you must know how to get an ESA letter online before getting the letter. The process involves several steps that are necessary to get the letter.
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