The Circle

Swamp Sistas Songwriter Circle

Mississippi native, Florida resident singer-songwriter and pianist Beth McKee, celebrated for music that dwells “at the edge of the swamp and the city” (North Carolina’s INDY WEEK), loves performing with other women songwriters, so she figured the best way to do that was to create a collective. The Swamp Sistas Songwriter Circle is a group of artists McKee pulls from for in-the-round, acoustic performances introducing cream-of-the-crop women songwriters to audiences across the South as part of her regional tour stops. “The Swamp Sistas Songwriter Circle provides a showcase for each musician’s repertoire, but we tend to chime in occasionally on each others’ tunes,” McKee explains. The result is an intimate platform in the unfailing realm of collaborative female entertainers.

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“The Circle is a vehicle for women songwriters to gig, collaborate and share our respective followings with each other, and my desire is to nurture this community and the music it generates.” Beth McKee