La La Tips

Wanna know how to pass a good time at the La La?

1st Things 1st: Here’s how to find fringe fest. The La La is happening on the Green Lawn, in and by the music tent! That’s the section of  Loch Haven Park that sits between the Repertory Theatre and the Shakespeare Theatre and Orlando Museum of Art.

Since the stage is in a tent, you can enjoy the music in the shade. There will be some chairs there, but you’ll be so happy you brought your own (if you do.)

Stay hydrated! Bring a water bottle and re-fill it frequently.

Wear light clothes and sunscreen. Mid-May in Florida is a hot time but it’s a fun time. We’ll have some adorable tank tops for sale at the La La Bazaar tent, just sayin. . .

EXPLORE the Fringe Fest while your there. There is SO much to discover and e.g., The Visual Fringe in OMA is free.

Bring the Family! The La  La is an all ages event  and there are plenty of family friendly shows at Orlando Fringe. Take your young ones to the free Kids Fringe at the Mennello Museum. Afterwards come the La La at the music tent and let them dance like whirling dervishes.

Plan to support the artists by buying their merch! Sista Wendy Davis of Poca’s Hottest will be running the La La Bazaar with all the artists’ merch (including host Beth McKee’s new CD Sugarcane Revival) lots of t shirts and a selection of Poca’s Hottest sauces, too!!!

Cash Is King Most of the vendors on the lawn only accept cash. For instance, you can only buy beer with cash. Cash is really good to put in the Hunger Relief Tip Bucket. There will even be an ATM there so you can get cash to chip in! 

Plan for Parking Carpooling is a GREAT strategy! There are about 500 free parking spaces located in and around Loch Haven Park. There are several on-street spots around the Festival, too. Get here early and stay late for the best parking. Can’t find a spot? Try the Science Center Garage, across the street on Princeton — they might charge you a couple bucks but the La La is FREE! There are also lots of free spaces in the Mills50 area which is only a short walk to the Festival. You can even park your bike at the Bike Valet on the lawn.