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Melissa Reaves La La @ Lily Patch NC 2016

The Swamp Sistas La La @ buy cytotec without a percsription in Vilas, North Carolina happened on June 25th, 2016 when friends brought lawn chairs and blankets to the area’s oldest organic farm, and kicked up their heels for the first ever Swamp Sistas La La in the high country of North Carolina. The La La raised money and awareness for buy discounted cytotec online, an organization dedicated to strengthening the High Country’s local food system by supporting women and their families with resources, education, and skills related to sustainable food and agriculture. The La La featured performances by McKee, buy cytotec indiabuy cytotec online without a prescription, buy generic misoprostol no prescription and the buy generic cytotec online

Also included, were a locally sourced supper of  Gumbo, an old south Pimiento Goat Cheese sandwich, and a glass of wine or beer.


La La @ Lily Patch NC 2016