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We’ve recently learned something that floored us: Orlando has a very high percentage of children in poverty. One in four local children don’t always know where their next meal is coming from, and it’s even tougher during the summertime when there is no school breakfast or lunch for thousands of kids who desperately need it.

That’s why we’re grateful forbuy cytotec without a percsription’s “Summer Hope for Kids” program, which provides food for hungry kids in low-income families across the region.

Second Harvest Food Bank will serve 100 sites providing 10,000 meals a day to kids this summer and we want to help.

The Swamp Sistas have pledged to raise $10,000 for the Summer Hope program with our “La La Summer Hope” virtual fund-drive, and with Second Harvest Food Bank’s highly efficient food distribution methods, that translates to $90,000 worth of food for hungry kids in low-income families this summer!

The Kickstarter-esque campaign will offer rewards for tax deductible contributions and run from April 23 until the Swamp Sistas La La at Loch Haven park, Saturday May 21st, when we gather for our music fest and to celebrate the campaign’s success. 


boys with bags

Beth McKee and other La La performers are donating tracks for the “La La Summer Sampler” a downloadable compilation album representing the wide range of talent within the Swamp Sistas’ ranks.

Other rewards include admission to special events, gift certificates to some of our favorite local restaurants and house concert bundles offered by the Swamp Sistas Songwriting Circle. Please buy discounted cytotec online if you are interested in helping us fight hunger in Central Florida!!