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The La La Coalition is made up of friends and friends of friends who have gone the extra mile in support of the 2017 Swamp Sistas La La at Orlando Fringe, either financially or by donating their professional services. Without the coalition, we couldn’t keep the Swamp Sistas La La machine in motion, and we are extremely grateful to each and every member.
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  • ArtReach Orlando
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  • Bill Deutsch
  • Brian Barnett
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  • Claire Wofford
  • Denise Allen
  • Frankie Messina
  • Jerry Waller
  • Jessica Pawli
  • Johnnie R. Shelton
  • Karen Johnson
  • Kathryn Toutolmin
  • Kati Schardl
  • Kayonne Riley
  • Kristen McMahon
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  • Orlando Center for Spiritual Living
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