Swamp Sistas is a grassroots movement of 2,700 women with a dual passion for music and community activism, established in 2010 by singer/songwriter Beth McKee as a way to stay in touch with inspiring women she encountered on her travels. The group quickly morphed into a diverse, multi-generational network of women with varying backgrounds and career paths

Determined to find a way for the group to have a positive impact, while also promoting her music and that of her female songwriting peers, McKee invoked a traditional Louisiana party concept called the “La La” that she had become familiar with during her Louisiana days as a member of the all female New Orleans band Evangeline (MCA Records.) She tossed the idea around with other talented women and promoter friends, and the “Swamp Sistas La La” was born;  a roving, regional music fest inspired by the Creole La La soiree’ where musicians gather, friends dance and everyone gives what they can for a common cause.

With nine Swamp Sistas La Las presented, in Florida and North Carolina, and thousands of dollars raised for various community causes and organizations, the group is well on their way to having that desired positive impact, and they continue to seek creative ways to ‘do good’ while simultaneously providing opportunities for women musicians.

One special by-product of the La Las is the Swamp Sistas Songwriter Circle, a cream-of-the-crop collective of female songwriters, gathered and led by McKee. The women perform in various combinations, in the round, for regional tour stops across the southern US.